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Article №30

TitleBinocular coordination of eye movements during reading
JournalVision Research 46 (2006) 2363–2374
Year of publishing2006
AbstractBinocular coordination of the eyes during reading was examined. Fixation disparity greater than one character occurred on 47% of Wxations, with the disparity being predominantly uncrossed (39%), though a small proportion of Wxations were crossed. The average magnitude of disparity, measured at the end of Wxation, was 1.1 characters for all Wxations. For the 47% of non-aligned Wxations the average magnitude of disparity was 1.9 characters. Vergence movements that reduced Wxation disparity occurred during Wxations, and their magnitude was positively correlated with Wxation duration. Finally, eye dominance did not modulate Wxation disparity magnitude or the proportion of disparate Wxations.
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