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TitleE-readers, Computer Screens, or Paper: Does Reading Comprehension Change Across Media Platforms?
AuthorsS.J. Margolin, M.J. Toland, C. Driscoll, J.L. Kegler
TitleEye Movements during Silent and Oral Reading in a Regular Orthography: Basic Characteristics and Correlations with Childhood Cognitive Abilities and Adolescent Reading Skills
AuthorsM. Krieber, K.D. Bartl-Pokorny, F.B. Pokorny, D. Zhang,K. Landerl, C. Korner, F. Pernkopf, T. Pock, C.Einspieler,P.B. Marschik
TitleEye-tracking Study of Reading Speed from LCD Displays: Influence of Type Style and Type Size
AuthorsG. Franken, A. Podlesek, K. Možina
TitleEye movement analysis of reading from computer displays, eReaders and printed books
AuthorsD. Zambarbieri, E. Carniglia
TitleEye Movements Reveal Effects of Visual Content on Eye Guidance and Lexical Access during Reading
AuthorsPaterson K.B., McGowan V.A., Jordan T.R.