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Last 5 articles

TitleEvaluation of the Tobii EyeX Eye tracking controller and Matlab toolkit for research
AuthorsA. Gibaldi, M. Vanegas,P. J. Bex, G. Maiello
TitleE-readers, Computer Screens, or Paper: Does Reading Comprehension Change Across Media Platforms?
AuthorsS.J. Margolin, M.J. Toland, C. Driscoll, J.L. Kegler
TitleEye Movements during Silent and Oral Reading in a Regular Orthography: Basic Characteristics and Correlations with Childhood Cognitive Abilities and Adolescent Reading Skills
AuthorsM. Krieber, K.D. Bartl-Pokorny, F.B. Pokorny, D. Zhang,K. Landerl, C. Korner, F. Pernkopf, T. Pock, C.Einspieler,P.B. Marschik
TitleEye-tracking Study of Reading Speed from LCD Displays: Influence of Type Style and Type Size
AuthorsG. Franken, A. Podlesek, K. Možina
TitleEye movement analysis of reading from computer displays, eReaders and printed books
AuthorsD. Zambarbieri, E. Carniglia