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Title11. Assessing reading.
JournalNew York: Cambridge University Press. – 2000. – 23 p.
Year of publishing2000
AbstractВ pdf - неоконченная 1 глава Олдерсон (2000) отметил, что размер словаря хороших читателей L1 колеблется от 10 000 до 100 000 слов. Знание словаря читателей чрезвычайно коррелирует с их уровнем квалификации в показании шкалы и является “единственным лучшим предсказателем текстового понимания” (p. 35 ...
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Title12. Attention and eye movements.
JournalIn: The New Encyclopedia of Neuroscience. (Volume editor: R. Krauzlis). Elsevier, Amsterdam.
Year of publishing2008
AbstractEye movements and visual attention both enhance perceptual processing of selected portions of visual scenes. Attention filters out visual backgrounds and ensures that smooth or saccadic eye movements are programmed solely on the basis of selected visual signals. Attention can do so nearly perfectly, ...
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Title13. Binocular coordination of eye movements during reading
JournalVision Research 46 (2006) 2363–2374
Year of publishing2006
AbstractBinocular coordination of the eyes during reading was examined. Fixation disparity greater than one character occurred on 47% of Wxations, with the disparity being predominantly uncrossed (39%), though a small proportion of Wxations were crossed. The average magnitude of disparity, measured at the e ...
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Title14. Binocular coordination of saccades in 7 years old children in single word reading and target fixation
JournalVision Research 46 (2006) 457–466
Year of publishing2006
AbstractThe purpose of the present study was to examine in 7 years old normal children who just learnt to read, saccade and fixation characteristics during reading single words. Eight children were studied and their results were compared to those of eight normal adults doing the same task. For each group wo ...
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JournalActive Vision — The Psychology of Looking and Seeing, Published to Oxford Scholarship Online
Year of publishing2008
AbstractA Martian ethologist observing humans using their visual systems would almost certainly include in their report back: ’they move these small globes around a lot and thats how they see‘. The starting point for this book is an acceptance of the premise of that ethologist. We believe tha ...
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